Elite Female Mentoring Organization - Elegant Ladies in Training for Excellence
President and Founder
Kimmoly Rice-Ogletreeis the President and Founder of theLife Institute for Excellence, LLC, and the Elite Female Mentoring Organization in Baltimore Maryland. Mrs. Rice-Ogletree has lived a tumultuous life but her strength, courage, determination, and perseverance have made her into the beautiful woman of God she is today. She is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, published author, and teen success coach. She is an exceptional motivator, full of life and passion. She encourages women to take control of their lives, grow to their full potential, and to live life boldly, exploring every option set before them with fierce determination. Kimmoly has expressed her views on many “talk radio” programs and has written magazine articles on issues concerning teen and women’s issues.
Mrs. Rice-Ogletree is an extraordinary mentor to teenagers and young adult women in her community and around the world. She has a God given passion for youth and is determined to use her gifts and talents to make an impact on our current and future generations. She is a certified youth & parent trainer, offering workshops to church youth groups, schools, and youth organizations with a desire to take their ministries to the next level.
Mrs. Rice-Ogletree also worked as the Program Coordinator for the Department of Defense, Partner's in Education, Female Mentoring Program for 5 years. She has over 14 years of experience working with youth. She encourages through her workshops, mentoring programs, seminars, and newsletters, spreading her message far and wide. She receives her formal training and certifications in her profession as a Teen Success Coach from the Professional Woman Network, an International Consulting Organization dedicated to women's issues, based in Louisville Kentucky. Also trained byDale Carnegie® Training and the Disney Institute. Her delightful personality and her willingness to be transparent have helped to encourage many to press forward and live better.
Program Coordinator/Mentor
TEARNEY GALLOWAY-HOLMES is a self motivated, spiritual person, who likes to help anyone in need that she comes across. She writes daily motivational, spiritual vitamins to encourage and uplift lives. She has mentored with young troubled teen’s one-on-one and also with their families to bring back their unity. She also owns Victorious Travel Group, in which she personalizes and makes traveling a little easier for those people with busy schedules. She is a full time employee with Textron Systems. In her spare time she volunteers with seniors, not only in her church, but also in various communities. She believes in her three P”s, (P)atience to allow the holy spirit to direct your path, (P)rosperity to thrive and be successful pursuing your dreams and (P)romotion in following God’s plan for the purpose of your life, while working hard and then being rewarded. She credits her Mom for always believing and supporting her in all that she has strived to do.
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