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7th Annual Heart-2-Heart Mother/Daughter Retreat 2015

Hi Kimmoly!
I just wanted to thank you for yet another great event.  I kept wondering how you would top the previous years.  Well, I must say you absolutely out did yourself this year.  I am quite proud to know someone such as you.  You are absolutely a gem not only to our girls but to the mom’s as well.  This year’s speakers were amazing and Kayla and I had a lot to take home and apply to our everyday life.  I was particularly happy to meet Ms. Phelps, and to have her listen to and advise our girls was great.  Specifically speaking, Kayla had a discussion with her teacher just as Ms. Phelps suggested, and I am happy to report that she was able to work it out on her own and she and the teacher have a better understanding.  Its reasons like this, that we continue coming back. You can always expect to learn something new or maybe to receive a reminder on how to be a motivated and productive person, and how to teach our girls to follow in those footsteps. I not only thank God for you, but this year we had the pleasure to meet and thank your mother.  Such an AMAZING weekend! ~ Lisa & Kayla Harrison

Another year..... Every year I look forward to another Heart-2-Heart Retreat, my daughter on the other hand hopes that I forget.  This year I learned so much about raising a daughter.  In the end, my daughter said "I actually enjoyed myself this year" 
Each current years experience is better than the previous.  I almost want my daughter to age slower so these moments last longer.   The workshop facilitators were excellent and down to earth.  Again, I've learned new ways to communicate with my daughter.  My circle of friends grows each year and how I communicate with my daughter changes as we all share our experiences raising daughters. Being able to offer support to mothers with life experiences so much different than mine was just a rewarding as (again) learning something new about my daughter.  I am grateful for this retreat.  Heart-2-Heart speaks volumes as a name.  It mirrors the experience I get each year I attend. ~Marita & Reniece

I really enjoyed myself at the Heart-2-Heart mother daughter retreat. It was inspiring, enriching and up lifting. I thought this would be a chance for me and my daughter to get to know each other. I did not know I would be learning more about myself. The main thing I learned is the more I know about myself, I will be more understanding of my daughter. Understanding my daughter will help me help her with situations. I will be letting more people know about this program. I and my daughter are looking forward to next year reuniting with old friend and meeting new friends. Donyel & Jasmine